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Lua module: provide simple `read` format parser
A single `read` function parsing pandoc-supported formats is added to the module. This is simpler and more convenient than the previous method of exposing all reader functions individually.
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@@ -796,6 +796,20 @@ M.UpperAlpha = "UpperAlpha"
-- Helper Functions
-- @section helpers
+--- Parse the given string into a Pandoc document.
+-- @tparam string markup the markup to be parsed
+-- @tparam[opt] string format format specification, defaults to "markdown".
+-- @return Doc pandoc document
+function, format)
+ format = format or "markdown"
+ local pd = pandoc.__read(format, markup)
+ if type(pd) == "string" then
+ error(pd)
+ else
+ return pd
+ end
--- Use functions defined in the global namespace to create a pandoc filter.
-- All globally defined functions which have names of pandoc elements are
-- collected into a new table.