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LaTeX writer: Use a declaration for tight lists
Currently, pandoc has hard-coded the following in order to make tight lists in LaTeX: ```hs text "\\itemsep1pt\\parskip0pt\\parsep0pt" ``` Which is fine, but does not allow customizations. For example, the `memoir` class already has a `\tightlist` declaration for this purpose: ```tex \newcommand{\tightlist}{% \setlength{\itemsep}{0pt}\setlength{\parskip}{0pt}} ``` I'm proposing to use a similar solution: ```diff @@ In Writers/LaTeX.hs: -then text "\\itemsep1pt\\parskip0pt\\parsep0pt" +then text "\\tightlist" @@ In templates/default.latex: +\newcommand{\tightlist}{% + \setlength{\itemsep}{1pt}\setlength{\parskip}{0pt}\setlength{\parsep}{0pt}} ``` This allows us to customize the tightness to our needs. Backward Compatibility If a person is using a custom LaTeX template (not based upon the `memoir` class), the `\tightlist` declaration must be added.
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