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diff --git a/tests/ b/tests/
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--- a/tests/
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@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ unless (-x $script) { die "$script is not executable.\n"; }
print "Writer tests:\n";
-my @writeformats = ("html", "latex", "rst", "rtf", "markdown", "man", "native"); # docbook and s5 handled separately
+my @writeformats = ("html", "latex", "rst", "rtf", "markdown", "man", "native"); # docbook, context, and s5 handled separately
my @readformats = ("latex", "native"); # handle html,markdown & rst separately
my $source = "testsuite.native";
@@ -61,6 +61,14 @@ test_results("docbook writer", "tmp.docbook", "writer.docbook");
print " docbook tables...";
test_results("docbook tables", "tmp.docbook", "tables.docbook");
+print "Testing context writer...";
+# remove LaTeX tests, as this produces invalid docbook...
+`sed -e '/^, Header 1 \\[Str "LaTeX"\\]/,/^, HorizontalRule/d' testsuite.native | $script -r native -w context -s > tmp.context`;
+test_results("context writer", "tmp.context", "writer.context");
+`$script -r native -w context tables.native > tmp.context`;
+print " context tables...";
+test_results("context tables", "tmp.context", "tables.context");
print "Testing s5 writer (basic)...";
`$script -r native -w s5 -s s5.native > tmp.html`;
test_results("s5 writer (basic)", "tmp.html", "s5.basic.html");