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* Update copyright notices for 2014, add missing noticesAlbert Krewinkel2014-05-09
* Allow html4 as synonym of html as reader.John MacFarlane2014-04-27
* Fix #1267.John MacFarlane2014-04-27
* A bit of refactoring that shouldn't change any semantics.John MacFarlane2014-04-27
* Give more useful error message if '-t pdf' is specified.John MacFarlane2014-04-05
* Make it possible to run filters that aren't executable.John MacFarlane2014-04-05
* PDF: Changes to error reporting, to handle non-UTF8 error output.John MacFarlane2014-03-19
* Add a simple Emacs Org-mode readerAlbert Krewinkel2014-03-04
* Added readerTrace to ReaderOptions, --trace command line opt.John MacFarlane2014-02-25
* The `--bibliography` option now sets the `biblio-files` variable.John MacFarlane2014-01-03
* Merge pull request #1005 from nougad/consistent_bibliographyJohn MacFarlane2014-01-02
| * Fixed stupid copy&paste errorFlorian Eitel2013-09-30
| * Don't add pandoc-citeproc filter if natbib or biblatex is usedFlorian Eitel2013-09-30
* | HLint: redundant parensHenry de Valence2013-12-19
* | HLint: use `elem` and `notElem`Henry de Valence2013-12-19
* | Allow https: to work in pandoc command line arguments.John MacFarlane2013-12-05
* | Allow "epub2" as synonym for "epub", "html4" for "html".John MacFarlane2013-11-30
* | Don't look for slidy files in data files w/ --self-contained.John MacFarlane2013-10-21
* Handle Boolean values in `--metadata`.John MacFarlane2013-09-19
* More informative error when a filter is not found in path.John MacFarlane2013-09-17
* Allow `--metadata` to be repeated for the same key to form a list.John MacFarlane2013-09-17
* More robust check for '-F pandoc-filters', allowing pathnames.John MacFarlane2013-09-14
* `--bibliography` again implies `-F pandoc-citeproc`.John MacFarlane2013-09-10
* `--bibliography` no longer implies `-F pandoc-citeproc`.John MacFarlane2013-09-08
* Changed --metadata to return Boolean True if no value.John MacFarlane2013-09-01
* Change for latest pandoc-citeproc.John MacFarlane2013-09-01
* Restore --bibliography, --csl, --citation-abbreviations.John MacFarlane2013-09-01
* Added `--metadata/-M` option.John MacFarlane2013-09-01
* Added `-F` as shortcut for `--filter`.John MacFarlane2013-08-25
* Removed dependency on citeproc-hs.John MacFarlane2013-08-24
* Improved error reporting on filters.John MacFarlane2013-08-24
* Print stderr output of filters to stderr.John MacFarlane2013-08-14
* Added module for writing python scripts, with several examples.John MacFarlane2013-08-13
* Removed `--print-sample-lua-writer`, added `--print-default-data-file`.John MacFarlane2013-08-13
* Options: Changed `writerSourceDir` to `writerSourceURL` (now a Maybe).John MacFarlane2013-08-11
* Pass writename as argument to filters.John MacFarlane2013-08-08
* Revert "Revert "Added `--filter` option.""John MacFarlane2013-08-08
* Revert "Added `--filter` option."John MacFarlane2013-07-23
* Added `--filter` option.John MacFarlane2013-07-23
* PDF generation improvements.John MacFarlane2013-07-20
* `--toc-level` no longer implies `--toc`.John MacFarlane2013-07-03
* pandoc `--help` now says something about pdf output.John MacFarlane2013-04-26
* Added `Text.Pandoc.Writers.Custom`, `--print-custom-lua-writer`.John MacFarlane2013-04-14
* Have `--help` print in and out formats in alphabetical order.John MacFarlane2013-04-08
* Reveal.js improvements.John MacFarlane2013-03-23
* Added basic support for reveal.js.Jamie F. Olson2013-03-21
* Added Text.Pandoc.Writers.OPML.John MacFarlane2013-03-19
* Added Text.Pandoc.Readers.OPML, exporting readOPML.John MacFarlane2013-03-19
* Fixed numbering mismatch between TOC and sections in HTML.John MacFarlane2013-03-16
* Hide Text.Pandoc.Highlighting.John MacFarlane2013-03-05