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* Revised code for pipe tables.John MacFarlane2012-07-22
* Renamed tests/markdown-tables -> tests/extra-tables.John MacFarlane2012-07-22
* Merge pull request #510 from mytskine/markdown-extraJohn MacFarlane2012-07-22
| * Added support for markdown-extra tables in the markdown parserFran├žois Gannaz2012-02-21
* | Removed fb2.math-webtex.fb2 tests.John MacFarlane2012-07-22
* | FB2: support images embedded as data URIs + tests.Sergey Astanin2012-07-22
* | Test suite for FB2 writer.Sergey Astanin2012-07-22
* | ConTeXt writer: don't escape `&`,`^`,`<`,`>`.John MacFarlane2012-06-27
* | LaTeX writer: Ensure newline after Verbatim at end of footnote.John MacFarlane2012-06-01
* | Added docbook reader tests (still failing).John MacFarlane2012-05-08
* LaTeX reader: Add ", " to suffix...John MacFarlane2012-02-10
* Test suite: Don't print 'expected' in red.John MacFarlane2012-02-10
* Added test case for issue #186 (\$ in latex math).John MacFarlane2012-02-07
* Added test case for issue #186 (\$ in latex math).John MacFarlane2012-02-07
* LaTeX reader: use raw latex as fallback for Cites.John MacFarlane2012-02-06
* Changed infix level of testing combinators.John MacFarlane2012-02-05
* Complete rewrite of LaTeX reader.John MacFarlane2012-02-04
* Removed header 1 property from ConTeXt tests.John MacFarlane2011-12-30
* Updated ConTeXt tests.John MacFarlane2011-12-30
* Replaced Apostrophe, Ellipses, EmDash, EnDash w/ unicode strings.John MacFarlane2011-12-27
* Added some failing test cases for apostrophes in French.John MacFarlane2011-12-26
* Removed highlighting flag. Highlighting support is now standard.John MacFarlane2011-12-22
* Use pandoc-types 1.9.*.John MacFarlane2011-12-13
* Fixed tests for escapes in markdown titles, URLs.John MacFarlane2011-12-05
* Fixed tests for escapes in links.John MacFarlane2011-12-05
* Added more failing tests relating to issue #312.John MacFarlane2011-12-05
* Added failing test for escape in markdown link title.John MacFarlane2011-12-04
* Added failing test case for issue #312.John MacFarlane2011-12-01
* Added an asciidoc writer (partial).John MacFarlane2011-11-16
* TypeSynonymInstances no longer implies FlexibleInstances in GHC 7.2Antoine Latter2011-09-02
* Tweaked Arbitrary instance to help avoid timeouts in tests.John MacFarlane2011-07-31
* Smart quotes: handle '...hi' properly.John MacFarlane2011-07-25
* Fixed test, added another markdown emph/strong test.John MacFarlane2011-06-22
* Added failing test case due to Perry Wagle.John MacFarlane2011-06-22
* Added Tests.Writers.Markdown.John MacFarlane2011-06-22
* Disallow notes within notes in reST and markdown.John MacFarlane2011-04-20
* Allow '|' followed by newline in RST line block.John MacFarlane2011-04-11
* Changed uri parser so it doesn't include trailing punctuation.John MacFarlane2011-03-18
* Fixed bug in RST field list parser.John MacFarlane2011-03-12
* Markdown+lhs reader: Require space after inverse bird tracks.John MacFarlane2011-03-02
* HTML writer: stringify alt text.John MacFarlane2011-02-05
* Native writer test: in block list test, limit to list < 20 blocks.John MacFarlane2011-02-04
* Added cCommented-out round-trip property in markdown reader test.John MacFarlane2011-02-04
* Improved Arbitrary instance.John MacFarlane2011-02-04
* normalize: Normalize spaces too.John MacFarlane2011-02-04
* Markdown reader: Simplified and corrected footnote block parser.John MacFarlane2011-02-01
* Added a (failing) test for footnotes.John MacFarlane2011-02-01
* Improved fix to markdown noteBlock parser.John MacFarlane2011-01-31
* Markdown reader: Fixed whitespace footnote bug (Jesse Rosenthal).John MacFarlane2011-01-31
* LaTeX reader: Fixed bug with whitespace at beginning of file.John MacFarlane2011-01-30