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* Removed test for examplep in markdown2pdf.fiddlosopher2007-07-28
* Changed LaTeX writer to use the examplep package insteadfiddlosopher2007-07-28
* markdown2pdf: Print a helpful message if ulem package is not found.fiddlosopher2007-07-22
* Test for --table-of-contents asfiddlosopher2007-07-16
* Modified markdown2pdf to run pdflatex a second time if --toc wasfiddlosopher2007-07-08
* Add -asxhtml flag to tidy in html2markdown. This willfiddlosopher2007-05-03
* Need to export TMPDIR in
* On Cygwin, set TMPDIR to . before using mktemp. Otherwisefiddlosopher2007-01-09
* Cleaned up Note that bibtex does not returnfiddlosopher2007-01-09
* Minor changes to markdown2pdf: removed an unnecessary '|| exit $?',fiddlosopher2007-01-09
* Changes to
* Minor cleanups in
* + Export TEXINPUTS variable.roktas2007-01-08
* Various fixes in markdown2pdf.roktas2007-01-08
* Removed unneeded "export" statements.fiddlosopher2007-01-08
* Modified shell scripts to use new Pandoc --dump-args andfiddlosopher2007-01-08
* Simplify regex.roktas2007-01-07
* + Revert previous commit which is wrong and insufficient on some parts.roktas2007-01-07
* + Fix a nasty bug in markdown2pdf. It used to send the log file toroktas2007-01-07
* Remove executable permission of
* Removed unneeded WRAPPER_ARGS and WRAPPEE_ARGS variablesfiddlosopher2007-01-03
* Moved hsmarkdown to src/wrappers/, so it worksfiddlosopher2007-01-02
* + Changed 'web2markdown' to 'html2markdown'.fiddlosopher2006-12-29
* + Removed the convenience symlinks (which don't work on Windows underfiddlosopher2006-12-28
* Merged changes from branches/wrappers since r177.fiddlosopher2006-12-22
* Minor change: 'test 4' to 'test 3' in
* Merge changes in branches/wrappers into trunk.roktas2006-12-12