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Update doc string of `parsebib--parse-value'.
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diff --git a/parsebib.el b/parsebib.el
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--- a/parsebib.el
+++ b/parsebib.el
@@ -144,8 +144,15 @@ if a matching delimiter was found."
(defun parsebib--parse-value (limit &optional strings)
"Parse value at point.
-Do not parse beyond LIMIT. Replace @string abbrevs with STRINGS
-if non-nil."
+A value is either a field value or a @String expansion. Return
+the value as a string. No parsing is done beyond LIMIT, but note
+that parsing may stop well before LIMIT.
+STRINGS, if non-nil, is a hash table of @String definitions.
+@String abbrevs in the value to be parsed are then replaced with
+their expansions. Additionally, newlines in field values are
+removed, white space is reduced to a single space and braces or
+double quotes around field values are removed."
(let (res)
(while (and (< (point) limit)
(not (looking-at-p ",")))