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+.TH PCRE_COMPILE2 3 "01 October 2013" "PCRE 8.34"
+PCRE - Perl-compatible regular expressions
+.B #include <pcre.h>
+.B pcre *pcre_compile2(const char *\fIpattern\fP, int \fIoptions\fP,
+.B " int *\fIerrorcodeptr\fP,"
+.B " const char **\fIerrptr\fP, int *\fIerroffset\fP,"
+.B " const unsigned char *\fItableptr\fP);"
+.B pcre16 *pcre16_compile2(PCRE_SPTR16 \fIpattern\fP, int \fIoptions\fP,
+.B " int *\fIerrorcodeptr\fP,"
+.B " const char **\fIerrptr\fP, int *\fIerroffset\fP,"
+.B " const unsigned char *\fItableptr\fP);"
+.B pcre32 *pcre32_compile2(PCRE_SPTR32 \fIpattern\fP, int \fIoptions\fP,
+.B " int *\fIerrorcodeptr\fP,£
+.B " const char **\fIerrptr\fP, int *\fIerroffset\fP,"
+.B " const unsigned char *\fItableptr\fP);"
+This function compiles a regular expression into an internal form. It is the
+same as \fBpcre[16|32]_compile()\fP, except for the addition of the
+\fIerrorcodeptr\fP argument. The arguments are:
+ \fIpattern\fP A zero-terminated string containing the
+ regular expression to be compiled
+ \fIoptions\fP Zero or more option bits
+ \fIerrorcodeptr\fP Where to put an error code
+ \fIerrptr\fP Where to put an error message
+ \fIerroffset\fP Offset in pattern where error was found
+ \fItableptr\fP Pointer to character tables, or NULL to
+ use the built-in default
+The option bits are:
+ PCRE_ANCHORED Force pattern anchoring
+ PCRE_AUTO_CALLOUT Compile automatic callouts
+ PCRE_BSR_ANYCRLF \eR matches only CR, LF, or CRLF
+ PCRE_BSR_UNICODE \eR matches all Unicode line endings
+ PCRE_CASELESS Do caseless matching
+ PCRE_DOLLAR_ENDONLY $ not to match newline at end
+ PCRE_DOTALL . matches anything including NL
+ PCRE_DUPNAMES Allow duplicate names for subpatterns
+ PCRE_EXTENDED Ignore white space and # comments
+ PCRE_EXTRA PCRE extra features
+ (not much use currently)
+ PCRE_FIRSTLINE Force matching to be before newline
+ PCRE_JAVASCRIPT_COMPAT JavaScript compatibility
+ PCRE_MULTILINE ^ and $ match newlines within data
+ PCRE_NEVER_UTF Lock out UTF, e.g. via (*UTF)
+ PCRE_NEWLINE_ANY Recognize any Unicode newline sequence
+ PCRE_NEWLINE_ANYCRLF Recognize CR, LF, and CRLF as newline
+ sequences
+ PCRE_NEWLINE_CR Set CR as the newline sequence
+ PCRE_NEWLINE_CRLF Set CRLF as the newline sequence
+ PCRE_NEWLINE_LF Set LF as the newline sequence
+ PCRE_NO_AUTO_CAPTURE Disable numbered capturing paren-
+ theses (named ones available)
+ PCRE_NO_AUTO_POSSESS Disable auto-possessification
+ PCRE_NO_START_OPTIMIZE Disable match-time start optimizations
+ PCRE_NO_UTF16_CHECK Do not check the pattern for UTF-16
+ validity (only relevant if
+ PCRE_UTF16 is set)
+ PCRE_NO_UTF32_CHECK Do not check the pattern for UTF-32
+ validity (only relevant if
+ PCRE_UTF32 is set)
+ PCRE_NO_UTF8_CHECK Do not check the pattern for UTF-8
+ validity (only relevant if
+ PCRE_UTF8 is set)
+ PCRE_UCP Use Unicode properties for \ed, \ew, etc.
+ PCRE_UNGREEDY Invert greediness of quantifiers
+ PCRE_UTF16 Run \fBpcre16_compile()\fP in UTF-16 mode
+ PCRE_UTF32 Run \fBpcre32_compile()\fP in UTF-32 mode
+ PCRE_UTF8 Run \fBpcre_compile()\fP in UTF-8 mode
+PCRE must be built with UTF support in order to use PCRE_UTF8/16/32 and
+PCRE_NO_UTF8/16/32_CHECK, and with UCP support if PCRE_UCP is used.
+The yield of the function is a pointer to a private data structure that
+contains the compiled pattern, or NULL if an error was detected. Note that
+compiling regular expressions with one version of PCRE for use with a different
+version is not guaranteed to work and may cause crashes.
+There is a complete description of the PCRE native API in the
+.\" HREF
+page and a description of the POSIX API in the
+.\" HREF