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* Update the changelogdebian/18.1.0-3archive/debian/18.1.0-3Andrej Shadura2019-06-26
* Skip tests when not present in the upstream tarballAndrej Shadura2019-06-26
* Update the changelogdebian/18.1.0-2archive/debian/18.1.0-2Andrej Shadura2019-06-24
* Start new changelog entryAndrej Shadura2019-06-24
* Bump Standards-Version to Shadura2019-06-24
* Update copyright yearsAndrej Shadura2019-06-24
* Use debhelper-compat 12Andrej Shadura2019-06-24
* Upload to experimentaldebian/18.1.0-1archive/debian/18.1.0-1Andrej Shadura2019-06-21
* Disable tests as tarballs ship noneAndrej Shadura2019-06-21
* Update the changelogAndrej Shadura2019-06-21
* Add new build dependenciesAndrej Shadura2019-06-21
* Re-export upstream signing key without extra signatures.Andrej Shadura2019-06-21
* Bump debhelper from old 9 to 10.Andrej Shadura2019-06-21
* Convert git repository from git-dpm to gbp layoutOndřej Nový2018-08-08
* d/copyright: Use https protocol in Format fieldOndřej Nový2018-02-15
* d/control: Set Vcs-* to salsa.debian.orgOndřej Nový2018-02-13
* Fix git-dpm tag format.Tristan Seligmann2016-02-21
* Update changelog for release.Tristan Seligmann2016-02-21
* Add autopkgtest.Tristan Seligmann2016-02-21
* Differentiate extended description.Tristan Seligmann2016-02-21
* Set LC_ALL just to make sure.Tristan Seligmann2016-02-21
* Switch python{,3}-characteristic dependency to python{,3}-attr (closes: #8153...Tristan Seligmann2016-02-21
* Run wrap-and-sort -t -s.Tristan Seligmann2016-02-21
* Reenable test suite.Tristan Seligmann2016-02-21
* Tweak copyright.Tristan Seligmann2016-02-21
* Update debian/watch to check signatures and use https.Tristan Seligmann2016-02-21
* Adopt package; thanks to Matthias Klose for his work so far.Tristan Seligmann2016-02-21
* Import python-service-identity 16.0.0-1Tristan Seligmann2016-02-21
| * Import python-service-identity_16.0.0-1.dscTristan Seligmann2016-02-21
* Initialize git-dpmTristan Seligmann2016-02-21