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* releasing package python-vobject version 0.9.3-2HEADdebian/0.9.3-2masterJelmer Vernooij2016-09-04
* Drop patch Fix-ORG-fields-with-multiple-components: applied upstream.Jelmer Vernooij2016-09-04
* Merge 0.9.2-{2,3} changes.Jelmer Vernooij2016-09-04
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Vernooij2016-09-04
| * Document changes and release 0.9.2-3Guido Günther2016-08-01
| * Document changes and release 0.9.2-2Guido Günther2016-05-15
* | releasing package python-vobject version 0.9.3-1debian/0.9.3-1Jelmer Vernooij2016-09-04
* | Bump standards version to 3.9.8 (no changes).Jelmer Vernooij2016-09-04
* | New upstream release.Jelmer Vernooij2016-09-04
* releasing package python-vobject version 0.9.2-1Jelmer Vernooij2016-04-09
* Convert package to source format 3.0 (quilt).Jelmer Vernooij2016-04-09
* Bump standards version to 3.9.7 (no changes).Jelmer Vernooij2016-04-09
* Drop patch 0004-Normalise-year-info-to-be-within-Python-s-year- bound.patch: ...Jelmer Vernooij2016-04-09
* Refresh patch 0003-Treat-untils-as-floating.patch.Jelmer Vernooij2016-04-09
* Drop patch 0002-Deepcopy-params.patch: applied upstream.Jelmer Vernooij2016-04-09
* Refresh patch 0001-don-t-install-ics_diff.patch.Jelmer Vernooij2016-04-09
* New upstream release.Jelmer Vernooij2016-04-09
* Add myself to uploaders.Jelmer Vernooij2016-04-09
* debian/watch: Update upstream download URL.Jelmer Vernooij2016-04-09
* debian/control: Update upstream homepage.Jelmer Vernooij2016-04-09
* Imported Debian patch 0.8.1c-4.1Matthias Klose2015-09-04
* Document changes and release 0.8.1c-4Guido Günther2011-06-01
* document changes and release 0.8.1c-3Guido Günther2010-01-04
* document changes and release 0.8.1c-2Guido Günther2009-12-08
* document changes and release 0.8.1c-1Guido Günther2009-04-17
* document changes and release 0.7.1-1Guido Guenther2008-08-08
* document changes and releaseGuido Guenther2008-06-21
* document changes and releaseGuido Guenther2008-02-22
* document changes and releaseGuido Guenther2008-01-16
* document changes and releaseGuido Guenther2008-01-02
* don't install /usr/bin/ics_diffGuido Guenther2007-06-18
* Remove quilt support as there is no patches dir (Closes: #393885)Luk Claes2007-05-04
* drop all patches, applied upstreamGuido Guenther2006-10-11
* depend on python-setuptoolsGuido Guenther2006-10-09
* don't remove the egg information in the clean targetGuido Guenther2006-10-07
* build depend on python-dateutil so the testuite can run properlyGuido Guenther2006-09-25
* new upstream svn version 0.0.svn155Guido Guenther2006-09-24
* add debian dirGuido Guenther2006-09-09