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The purpose of the *silx* project is to provide a collection of Python packages to support the
development of data assessment, reduction and analysis applications at synchrotron
radiation facilities.
-It aims at providing reading/writing different file formats, data reduction routines
+*silx* aims to provide reading/writing tools for different file formats, data reduction routines
and a set of Qt widgets to browse and visualise data.
The current version features:
@@ -33,12 +33,18 @@ The current version features:
-To install silx, run:
+To install silx (and all its dependencies), run:
+.. code-block:: bash
+ pip install silx[full]
+To install silx with a minimal set of dependencies, run:
+.. code-block:: bash
-.. code-block:: bash
pip install silx
Or using Anaconda on Linux and MacOS:
.. code-block:: bash