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New upstream version 0.9.0+dfsg
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"""Common wrapper over Python Qt bindings:
- `PyQt5 <>`_
+- `PySide2 <>`_
- `PyQt4 <>`_
-- `PySide <>`_
-- `PySide2 <>`_
If a Qt binding is already loaded, it will use it, otherwise the different
-Qt bindings are tried in this order: PyQt5, PyQt4, PySide, PySide2.
+Qt bindings are tried in this order: PyQt5, PyQt4, PySide2.
The name of the loaded Qt binding is stored in the BINDING variable.
@@ -48,7 +47,7 @@ Example of using :mod:`silx.gui.qt` module:
For an alternative solution providing a structured namespace,
see `qtpy <>`_ which
-provides the namespace of PyQt5 over PyQt4 and PySide.
+provides the namespace of PyQt5 over PyQt4, PySide and PySide2.
from ._qt import * # noqa