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+Diatheke Suite release 4.0
+by Chris Little <>
+This suite is intended for use with libraries and modules from
+the SWORD Project, available at
+The latest versions of this suite and its components are available
+Version 4.0 of this suite consists of the following components:
+Diatheke 4.0 - a command line utility, good for lots of stuff
+Diatheke/CGI 4.0 - a PERL CGI module interface to Diatheke 4.0
+To install Diatheke/CGI, first install PERL and a webserver such as
+Apache that is capable of running PERL CGIs. Installing mod_perl is
+recommended for a speed improvement, but is by no means necessary.
+Then copy the two .pl files from the ./cgi directory of this
+distribution into your cgi-bin directory. Modify the top of to reflect the correct location of your your diatheke
+command line utility binary and the default font if necessary. The
+CGI is now installed and ready for access.
+ is the main lookup script. is a supplemental
+script used to set a default Bible translation (saved on the
+user's computer as a cookie).
+Two sample HTML files are included as sample interfaces for an
+general Web-Bible gateway. index-public.html includes all currently
+available free texts while index-private.html includes all currently
+available texts, including those which are encrypted because
+of copyright and distribution restrictions. In any case, you should
+only use these as a guide, adding and subtracting modules depending
+on which modules you have installed and have permission to publish
+on the internet or your intranet. The bottom section of each file
+includes an example call to the script to set a default
+Bible version.
+You may also direct users directly to your perl script since it will
+present a page with all of your modules. Or you may wish to use this
+default page to create a custom index.html for your users.
+4.0 July 8, 2001.
+ Updated to Sword 1.5.2 with innumerable bug fixes.
+ Now builds properly for Win32 using VC++.
+ Diatheke/Tcl and HANDiatheke were omitted, for the moment
+ from this release, but are still available in the CVS.
+3.0 March 31, 2001.
+ Self-generating HTML page for the lazy (Diatheke/CGI).
+ Localization support. (Diatheke and Diatheke/CGI).
+2.5 Now supports ThML. Numerous bugfixes. December 10, 2000.
+ Includes Diatheke 3.0, Diatheke/CGI 3.0, Diatheke/Tcl 3.0,
+ and HANDiatheke 3.0 (initial version, but version-synced)
+2.0 First public release, including Diatheke 2.0, Diatheke/CGI
+ 2.0, and Diatheke/Tcl 2.5. October 23, 1999.
+The Diatheke Suite and its components, Diatheke, Diatheke/CGI, and
+Diatheke/Tcl are Copyright 1999, 2000, 2001 by CrossWire Bible Society.
+HANDiatheke is Copyright 2000, 2001 by CrossWire Bible Society.
+The Diatheke Suite and all of its components are licensed through
+the GNU General Public License and are intended for free distribution.
+See for details.