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\chapter{Programming Yosys Extensions}
-This chapter will contain a guided tour to the Yosys APIs and conclude
-with an example module.
+This chapter contains some bits and pieces of information about programming
+yosys extensions. Also consult the section on programming in the ``Yosys
+Presentation'' (can be downloaded from the Yosys website as PDF) and don't
+be afraid to ask questions on the Yosys Subreddit.
-\section{Programming with RTLIL}
-\section{Internal Utility Libraries}
-\section{Loadable Modules}
+\section{The ``CodingReadme'' File}
+The following is an excerpt of the {\tt CodingReadme} file from the Yosys source tree.
+\section{The ``stubsnets'' Example Module}
+The following is the complete code of the ``stubsnets'' example module. It is included in the Yosys source distribution as {\tt manual/CHAPTER\_Prog/}.
-\section{Example Module}