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* Added $assume support to write_smt2Clifford Wolf2015-02-26
* Minor "write_smt2" help msg changeClifford Wolf2015-02-22
* Added "<mod>_a" and "<mod>_i" to write_smt2 outputClifford Wolf2015-02-22
* Various fixes and improvements in "write_smt2 -bv"Clifford Wolf2014-12-25
* Various fixes and improvements in write_smt2Clifford Wolf2014-12-25
* Added support for most BV cell types to write_smt2Clifford Wolf2014-12-25
* Added "write_smt2 -bv" and other write_smt2 improvementsClifford Wolf2014-12-25
* Added write_smt2 (only gate level logic supported so far)Clifford Wolf2014-12-24