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* Added "design -push" and "design -pop"Clifford Wolf2014-02-20
* Added connwrappers commandClifford Wolf2014-02-20
* Fixed use of selection in splitnets commandClifford Wolf2014-02-16
* Added != support for relational select patternClifford Wolf2014-02-16
* Added delete {-input|-output|-port}Clifford Wolf2014-02-09
* Bugfix in delete commandClifford Wolf2014-02-09
* Build fixes for log cmdClifford Wolf2014-02-08
* added "log" commandJohann Glaser2014-02-08
* Added various new options to splice commandClifford Wolf2014-02-08
* Added %a select operatorClifford Wolf2014-02-08
* Moved some passes to other source directoriesClifford Wolf2014-02-08
* Now also move net labes to the right position in splice cmdClifford Wolf2014-02-08
* Added splice commandClifford Wolf2014-02-07
* Added log_header() to splitnetsClifford Wolf2014-02-07
* Fixed use of "cmd_error" in passes/cmds/design.ccClifford Wolf2014-02-07
* Added copy commandClifford Wolf2014-02-06
* Added design -stash/-copy-from/-copy-toClifford Wolf2014-02-06
* Added support for s: select expressions (wire width)Clifford Wolf2014-02-06
* Added i:, o:, and x: selection patternClifford Wolf2014-02-06
* Added support for %m selection opClifford Wolf2014-02-06
* Merge branch 'master' of Wolf2014-02-06
| * new %s: add sub-modules to selectionJohann Glaser2014-02-06
* | Added generic RTLIL::SigSpec::parse_sel() with support for selection variablesClifford Wolf2014-02-06
* Simplified select "Assertation failed" message generationClifford Wolf2014-02-05
* Merge branch 'master' of Wolf2014-02-05
| * be more verbose for select -assert-any and -assert-noneJohann Glaser2014-02-05
| * improved help for "select"Johann Glaser2014-02-05
* | Added selection support for r: and selection with relational operatorsClifford Wolf2014-02-05
* Added setattr and setparam commandsClifford Wolf2014-02-05
* Throw errors if non-existing selection variables are usedClifford Wolf2014-02-04
* Added select -noneClifford Wolf2014-02-04
* Added show -notitle optionClifford Wolf2014-02-02
* Added delete commandClifford Wolf2014-02-02
* Added suuport for module attribute matching with A:<pattern>[=<pattern>] syntaxClifford Wolf2014-02-02
* Added show -color support for cells and finished show -label implementationClifford Wolf2014-02-01
* Improved setundef random number generatorClifford Wolf2014-01-18
* Added setundef commandClifford Wolf2014-01-17
* Added select -assert-none and -assert-anyClifford Wolf2014-01-17
* Added "splitnets -driver"Clifford Wolf2014-01-03
* Added "connect" commandClifford Wolf2014-01-03
* Now */ is optional in */<mode>:<arg> selectionsClifford Wolf2014-01-02
* Added "rename -hide" commandClifford Wolf2014-01-02
* Added support for module->connections to select %ci, %co and %x handlingClifford Wolf2014-01-02
* Replaced RTLIL::Const::str with generic decoder methodClifford Wolf2013-12-04
* Progress on AppNote 011Clifford Wolf2013-11-29
* Added pattern support to "ls" commandClifford Wolf2013-11-28
* Improved ID matching scheme in select (and thus for all commands)Clifford Wolf2013-11-28
* Fixes and improvements in "show" commandClifford Wolf2013-11-28
* Added "src" attribute to processesClifford Wolf2013-11-28
* Added support for "show -pause" and "show -format dot"Clifford Wolf2013-11-28