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* SigSpec refactoring: renamed chunks and width to __chunks and __widthClifford Wolf2014-07-22
* Removed deprecated module->new_wire()Clifford Wolf2014-07-21
* Improved memory_share log messagesClifford Wolf2014-07-19
* More verbose memory_share help messageClifford Wolf2014-07-19
* Added SAT-based write-port sharing to memory_shareClifford Wolf2014-07-19
* Fixed bug in memory_share feedback-to-en codeClifford Wolf2014-07-19
* Added translation from read-feedback to en-signals in memory_shareClifford Wolf2014-07-18
* Only create collision detect logic in memory_share if necessaryClifford Wolf2014-07-18
* Added memory_shareClifford Wolf2014-07-18