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* More RTLIL::Cell API usage cleanupsClifford Wolf2014-07-26
* Added RTLIL::Cell::has(portname)Clifford Wolf2014-07-26
* Manual fixes for new cell connections APIClifford Wolf2014-07-26
* Changed users of cell->connections_ to the new API (sed command)Clifford Wolf2014-07-26
* Renamed RTLIL::{Module,Cell}::connections to connections_Clifford Wolf2014-07-26
* Use only module->addCell() and module->remove() to create and delete cellsClifford Wolf2014-07-25
* SigSpec refactoring: using the accessor functions everywhereClifford Wolf2014-07-22
* SigSpec refactoring: renamed chunks and width to __chunks and __widthClifford Wolf2014-07-22
* added log_header to miter and expose pass, show cell type for exposed portsJohann Glaser2014-05-28
* Various improvements in expose command (added -sep and -cut)Clifford Wolf2014-02-09
* Fixed handling of async reset in expose -evert-dffClifford Wolf2014-02-08
* Implemented expose -evert-dffClifford Wolf2014-02-08
* Added expose -dffClifford Wolf2014-02-06
* Added expose commandClifford Wolf2014-02-05