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committerBozhidar Batsov <>2017-12-16 18:27:29 +0000
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Update git-commit faces
The old face `git-commit-comment-branch' was replaced with two new faces `git-commit-comment-branch-local' and `git-commit-comment-branch-remote'. Keep the old face around for a while until "everyone" has updated, but at least until the next `git-commit' release.
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diff --git a/zenburn-theme.el b/zenburn-theme.el
index 3f8ec0d..2b30702 100644
--- a/zenburn-theme.el
+++ b/zenburn-theme.el
@@ -554,7 +554,9 @@ Also bind `class' to ((class color) (min-colors 89))."
'(git-annex-dired-annexed-unavailable ((t (:inherit error :weight normal))))
;;;;; git-commit
`(git-commit-comment-action ((,class (:foreground ,zenburn-green+1 :weight bold))))
- `(git-commit-comment-branch ((,class (:foreground ,zenburn-blue+1 :weight bold))))
+ `(git-commit-comment-branch ((,class (:foreground ,zenburn-blue+1 :weight bold)))) ; obsolete
+ `(git-commit-comment-branch-local ((,class (:foreground ,zenburn-blue+1 :weight bold))))
+ `(git-commit-comment-branch-remote ((,class (:foreground ,zenburn-green :weight bold))))
`(git-commit-comment-heading ((,class (:foreground ,zenburn-yellow :weight bold))))
;;;;; git-gutter
`(git-gutter:added ((t (:foreground ,zenburn-green :weight bold :inverse-video t))))