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* Use update copy to speed up rebuilds on windows/cygwin.Chris Wilson2009-04-03
* Use the Makefile in docs/ to build and clean documentation.Chris Wilson2009-03-28
* Don't skip building docs if we can't find a SVN version, as it breaks Chris Wilson2009-03-27
* Hook the man pages into the build/install system. Man pages are now included ...James O'Gorman2008-11-23
* Allow use of literal paths in parcels.txt (i.e. files to be installed outside...James O'Gorman2008-11-22
* Create destination directory before installing into it, as requestedChris Wilson2008-10-18
* Determine whether to use find | xargs at build time, not at run time,Chris Wilson2008-10-08
* Compile fix for (missing definition of @args).Chris Wilson2008-10-08
* Include LICENSE.txt in parcels, but don't install it.Chris Wilson2008-10-08
* Move parcel_* functions into BoxPlatform package to share them withChris Wilson2008-10-05
* Use xargs to delete files on Cygwin, as it's much faster than find -exec.Chris Wilson2008-10-04
* Fix GNUism in use of xargs (xargs -r is a GNU extension) - just get find to p...James O'Gorman2008-09-05
* Remove built binaries and libraries in clean target, so that it behaves Chris Wilson2008-08-21
* Make the parcel install scripts use $DESTDIR from the environment, toChris Wilson2008-01-29
* Allow installing parcel contents in a directory under the prefix other thanChris Wilson2008-01-20
* Don't break the name of scripts with no path in install scriptChris Wilson2008-01-16
* Don't include the install-backup-client script in Windows builds, as it'sChris Wilson2007-09-19
* Improved build targets, thanks to James O'Gorman (fixes #30)Chris Wilson2007-06-30
* Fix make error when optional file doesn't exist (refs #3, merges [1098])Chris Wilson2007-03-04
* This is part 2 of a patch from James O'Gorman.Martin Ebourne2006-03-04