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* changelog: finalise 3.12debian/3.12archive/debian/3.12Ian Jackson2017-07-16
* quilt fixup: Check that funny changes are represented properlyIan Jackson2017-07-16
* quilt fixup: Check we can delete files with funny modesIan Jackson2017-07-16
* dgit: unrepres. changes: Tolerate creation of symlinksIan Jackson2017-07-16
* dgit: unrepres. changes: Tolerate deletion of executable filesIan Jackson2017-07-16
* test suite: run git gc on tests/worktrees/example_1.0.tarIan Jackson2017-07-16
* dgit-repos-server: Do not reject commits with no author/committer emailIan Jackson2017-07-16
* test suite: import-dsc: Test missing files, particularly in ..Ian Jackson2017-07-16
* test suite: t-report-fail: print $PWD as part of failure messageIan Jackson2017-07-16
* dgit import: Avoid making broken symlinks in ..Ian Jackson2017-07-16
* dgit import: Right error message for missing files in ..Ian Jackson2017-07-15
* dgit import: Defend against broken symlinks in ..Ian Jackson2017-07-15
* Merge tag 'archive/debian/3.11_deb9u1' into stableIan Jackson2017-07-15
| * changelog: finalise stable updatedebian/3.11_deb9u1archive/debian/3.11_deb9u1Ian Jackson2017-07-15
* | dgit: Regularise patch filenames, and defend against funny commit subjectsIan Jackson2017-07-09
* | dgit: Pass --no-renames to git diff-tree -z, avoiding potential troubleIan Jackson2017-07-09
* | changelog: start 3.12~Ian Jackson2017-07-09
* changelog: finalise 3.11debian/3.11archive/debian/3.11Ian Jackson2017-07-08
* Actually understand foo,-security (!)Ian Jackson2017-07-08
* dgit: mkdir .git/info in setup_gitattrsIan Jackson2017-07-08
* changelog: Garden and reformatIan Jackson2017-07-08
* test suite: Test multisuite clone without --rm-on-error.Ian Jackson2017-07-08
* dgit: clone multisuite works even without --no-rm-on-error.Ian Jackson2017-07-08
* dgit-badcommit-fixup: Honour core.sharedRepository.Ian Jackson2017-07-08
* dgit: honour more pre-tree git config options in our private treesIan Jackson2017-07-08
* dgit: tolerate compressor terminating with SIGPIPE.Ian Jackson2017-07-08
* infrastructure: Cope with new git-receive-pack which has quarantine featureIan Jackson2017-07-08
* dgit: Add many pre_* to call no_local_git_cfgIan Jackson2017-07-08
* dgit: rpush: Do argument parsing and chdir in pre_...Ian Jackson2017-07-08
* test suite: Cope with git restricting ext:: protocols.Ian Jackson2017-07-08
* dgit: Cope if the archive server sends an HTTP redirectIan Jackson2017-07-08
* dgit: fix rpush+buildinfo: Transfer buildinfos for signing.Ian Jackson2017-07-08
* changelog: start 3.11~Ian Jackson2017-02-12
* changelog: finalise 3.10debian/3.10archive/debian/3.10Ian Jackson2017-02-06
* changelog: Update for docs fixesNicholas D Steeves2017-02-05
* import-maintmangle: New test for changelog Maintainer mangling.Ian Jackson2017-02-05
* dgit: importing: Better handle commas in changelog maintainer fieldsIan Jackson2017-02-05
* test suite: lib-import-chk: Test commit authorshipIan Jackson2017-02-05
* dgit: Do not fail when run with detached HEAD. Closes:#853022.Ian Jackson2017-02-05
* dgit: Strip initial newline from Changes line from dpkg-parsechangelogIan Jackson2017-02-05
* test suite: quilt-useremail: New test for user config copyingIan Jackson2017-02-05
* dgit: Copy several user.* settings from main tree git local configIan Jackson2017-02-05
* changelog: start 3.10~Ian Jackson2017-02-04
* changelog: finalise 3.9debian/3.9archive/debian/3.9Ian Jackson2017-01-25
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Quote sample clone commandsSean Whitton2017-01-25
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Get git clone url right. Closes:#852609.Ian Jackson2017-01-25
* test suite: overwrite-chkclog: test UNRELEASED handling.Ian Jackson2017-01-25
* dgit --overwrite: Check $gf->('Distribution')Ian Jackson2017-01-25
* changelog: start 3.9~Ian Jackson2017-01-25
* changelog: finalise 3.8debian/3.8archive/debian/3.8Ian Jackson2017-01-23