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* Switch to using python3 instead of python2Felipe Sateler2018-10-02
* Run tests directly through pytestFelipe Sateler2017-11-04
* Install bash and zsh completionsFelipe Sateler2015-06-04
* Revert "Bundle a version of dockerpty until it is packaged"Felipe Sateler2015-05-20
* Remove useless dh overridesFelipe Sateler2015-03-27
* Bundle a version of dockerpty until it is packagedFelipe Sateler2015-03-27
* Change pybuild nameFelipe Sateler2015-03-27
* No longer build docs, ship only md filesFelipe Sateler2015-03-27
* Disable tests, they require networkingFelipe Sateler2014-11-05
* Install docsFelipe Sateler2014-11-05
* Enable testsFelipe Sateler2014-11-05
* debianFelipe Sateler2014-11-05