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* Move scripts and Python modules one level up to correct installation directory.Benjamin Drung2011-10-11
* Update and fix my email addresses.Benjamin Drung2011-07-16
* Add a MOZ_XPI_CLEAN_COMMAND to; thanks to Ximin Luo for the patchBenjamin Drung2011-07-09
* * Use versioned target applications in Depends instead of unversioned targetBenjamin Drung2010-11-16
* * install-xpi will create a system preference file in /etc; addBenjamin Drung2010-04-06
* - add new MOZ_XPI_INSTALL_DIRECTORY variableBenjamin Drung2010-01-08
* Fix bug in MOZ_XPI_MOZILLA_EXTRA_DIRS bahaviorBenjamin Drung2010-01-06
* - drop support for deprecated MOZ_EXT_NAME and MOZ_XPI_MOZILLA_DIRS variableBenjamin Drung2010-01-06
* * dh_xul-ext:Benjamin Drung2009-12-13
* * med-xpi-{pack,unpack}:Benjamin Drung2009-12-02
* - correct permissions of installed files and addBenjamin Drung2009-12-02
* - add target print-vars for debugging purposeBenjamin Drung2009-12-02
* - combine xpath commands to one commandBenjamin Drung2009-12-02
* * Drung2009-12-02
* fix typoBenjamin Drung2009-10-07
* - set default MOZ_XPI_DISTRO in on installationBenjamin Drung2009-10-07
* - move data for the automagic detection of target application packagesBenjamin Drung2009-10-06
* - support different types of install.rdf files (LP: #442897)Benjamin Drung2009-10-06
* - Fail to build, if the extension manager ID could not be detected.Benjamin Drung2009-10-06
* - only add stripped binary package name to xpi:Provides, if it equals theBenjamin Drung2009-10-06
* * Drung2009-10-06
* add missing pattern to TARGET_VERSIONBenjamin Drung2009-09-24
* - add MOZ_EXT_NAME option (used for calculating xpi:Provides)Benjamin Drung2009-09-24
* - support different types of install.rdf files (LP: #422898)Benjamin Drung2009-09-24
* add EXTENSION_BASE_NAME to Provides, tooBenjamin Drung2009-09-24
* fix indentationBenjamin Drung2009-09-24
* - add sanity check for xpi file and fail with useful error messagesBenjamin Drung2009-09-24
* - "mkdir -p" can be run in all casesBenjamin Drung2009-09-23
* - add ${xpi:Provides} and ${xpi:Enhances} to support the Debian policy forBenjamin Drung2009-09-23
* improve guessing of common licenseBenjamin Drung2009-09-22
* improve lib_share_dirBenjamin Drung2009-09-22
* + Sack2009-09-22
* improve guessing of common licenseBenjamin Drung2009-09-22
* revert MOZ_XPI_PREPACKEDBenjamin Drung2009-09-14
* - add MOZ_XPI_PREPACKED parameter to support source packages containingBenjamin Drung2009-09-13
* - rename ${xpi:Depends} to ${xpi:Recommends} and keep ${xpi:Depends} forBenjamin Drung2009-09-13
* - only list packages in ${xpi:Depends} if they are available in the archiveBenjamin Drung2009-09-13
* - override files on xpi extraction (otherwise running build target wouldBenjamin Drung2009-09-07
* - simplify xpi-depends-stamp ruleBenjamin Drung2009-09-07
* - Guess common license file names if MOZ_XPI_DOCUMENTED_LICENSE_FILES isBenjamin Drung2009-08-23
* - rename stamp-* targets to *-stamp, merge stamp-extension-install intoBenjamin Drung2009-08-22
* - MOZ_EXTENSION_PKG is defined in either case, removing missing case handlerBenjamin Drung2009-08-22
* * Drung2009-08-22
* * Drung2009-08-22
* (merge lp:~jazzva/mozilla-devscripts/moz-xpi-exclude-files)Alexander Sack2009-08-17
| * * Bodiroza2009-08-14
| * * Bodiroza2009-08-14
* - make MOZ_EXTENSION_PKG optional; if this variable is unset, the firstBenjamin Drung2009-08-06
* implement start/end of life for comparing possible alternate binary dependency.Benjamin Drung2009-08-05
* * fix typo in prism target application idAlexander Sack2009-07-29