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Relevant BUGIDs: 124388
Purpose of commit: bugfix Commit summary: --------------- - removed comments about pam_unix not working with pam_cracklib, added information about use_authtok parameter
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diff --git a/doc/modules/pam_cracklib.sgml b/doc/modules/pam_cracklib.sgml
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--- a/doc/modules/pam_cracklib.sgml
+++ b/doc/modules/pam_cracklib.sgml
@@ -48,10 +48,6 @@ Requires the system library <tt/libcrack/ and a system dictionary:
This module can be plugged into the <tt/password/ stack of a given
application to provide some plug-in strength-checking for passwords.
-(XXX - note this does not necessarily work with the pam_unix module,
-although it is known to work with the pam_pwdb replacement for the
-unix module -- see example and pam_pwdb write up for more
This module works in the following manner: it first calls the
@@ -125,6 +121,7 @@ share most of these characters with the old password.
<tt/debug/; <tt/type=XXX/; <tt/retry=N/; <tt/difok=N/; <tt/minlen=N/;
<tt/dcredit=N/; <tt/ucredit=N/; <tt/lcredit=N/; <tt/ocredit=N/;
@@ -216,14 +213,16 @@ character will count +1 towards meeting the current <tt/minlen/ value.
The default for <tt/ocredit/ is 1 which is the recommended value for
<tt/minlen/ less than 10.
+<item> <tt/use_authtok/ -
+This argument is used to <em/force/ the module to not prompt the user
+for a new password but use the one provided by the previously stacked
+<tt/password/ module.
<tag><bf>Examples/suggested usage:</bf></tag>
-(At the time of writing, this module can only be stacked before the
-<tt/pam_pwdb/ module. Cracklib strength checking may be compiled by
-default into the <tt/pam_unix/ module.)
For an example of the use of this module, we show how it may be
stacked with the password component of <tt/pam_pwdb/: