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Purpose of commit: documentation Commit summary: --------------- Cleaned up the README file, which was left over from the 0.72-autoconf branch
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@@ -8,20 +8,20 @@ Thanks for downloading Linux-PAM.
-This is the evolving autoconf branch for Linux-PAM. It is supposed to
-be equivalent to Linux-PAM-0.72.
How to use it is as follows:
./configure --help | less
./configure <your-options>
- Note, this is all experimental so you may not want to do this one..(?)
+Note, if you are worried - don't even think about doing the next line
+(most Linux distributions already support PAM out of the box, so if
+something goes wrong with installing the code from this version your
+box may stop working..)
make install
-Please report problems to me:
+That said, please report problems to me.
Andrew Morgan