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* Update symbols file for new symbols.Steve Langasek2020-08-12
* Update debian/libpam0g.symbolsAndreas Henriksson2019-02-11
* update symbols file for new symbolsSteve Langasek2019-01-08
* Document the new symbols added in 1.1.1 in debian/libpam0g.symbols, andSteve Langasek2019-01-08
* Update debian/libpam0g.symbols for new extension.Steve Langasek2019-01-08
* new symbol in, pam_modutil_audit_write; shlibs bump, andSteve Langasek2019-01-03
* fix a typo in the symbols fileSteve Langasek2019-01-03
* * Add libpam0g.symbols, for finer-grained package dependencies withSteve Langasek2019-01-03