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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Document that common-session is only for interactive sessionsSam Hartman2021-09-15
* bump the version number for what should really be the last time: no more pamSteve Langasek2019-01-03
* get rid of the double pam_permit in common-session, the stack will handle thisSteve Langasek2019-01-03
* bump the referenced version number again for one /really/ final pam upload toSteve Langasek2019-01-03
* session needs to be handled the same way as password, with the possibility ofSteve Langasek2019-01-03
* bump the version check to 1.0.1-4; we had to upload 1.0.1-3 as a security fixSteve Langasek2019-01-03
* create the new default configs with support for pam-auth-update substitution,Steve Langasek2019-01-03
* fix-up commit for grafting svn history onto git historySteve Langasek2019-01-02