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* pam_issue: Fix no prompting in parse escape codes mode.Bartos-Elekes Zsolt2016-09-12
* Unification and cleanup of syslog log levels.Tomas Mraz2016-06-30
* Remove "--enable-static-modules" option and support fromThorsten Kukuk2016-03-29
* Relevant BUGIDs: 2487654Thorsten Kukuk2009-03-25
* Relevant BUGIDs:Tomas Mraz2005-09-19
* Relevant BUGIDs: noneThorsten Kukuk2005-08-18
* Relevant BUGIDs: noneThorsten Kukuk2005-08-16
* Relevant BUGIDs: noneThorsten Kukuk2005-07-20
* Relevant BUGIDs: noneThorsten Kukuk2005-06-09
* Relevant BUGIDs: noneThorsten Kukuk2005-04-29
* Relevant BUGIDs:Tomas Mraz2005-04-19
* Relevant BUGIDs:Thorsten Kukuk2004-09-22
* Relevant BUGIDs:Thorsten Kukuk2004-09-15
* Relevant BUGIDs: patch 476968Steve Langasek2003-07-13
* Relevant BUGIDs: 476983Andrew G. Morgan2001-11-12
* Relevant BUGIDs: 416229Andrew G. Morgan2001-05-08
* Relevant BUGIDs: 133542Andrew G. Morgan2001-02-22
* Initial revisionAndrew G. Morgan2000-06-20