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Added `lists_without_preceding_blankline` extension.
* Added `Ext_lists_without_preceding_blankline` to `Extension` in `Options`. Added this option to `githubMarkdownExtensions`. * Made markdown reader sensitive to this. * Closes #972.
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@@ -2454,6 +2454,10 @@ in pandoc, but may be enabled by adding `+EXTENSION` to the format
name, where `EXTENSION` is the name of the extension. Thus, for
example, `markdown+hard_line_breaks` is markdown with hard line breaks.
+**Extension: `lists_without_preceding_blankline`**\
+Allow a list to occur right after a paragraph, with no intervening
+blank space.
**Extension: `hard_line_breaks`**\
Causes all newlines within a paragraph to be interpreted as hard line
breaks instead of spaces.