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* Changelog for 2:8.39-2HEADdebian/2%8.39-12archive/debian/2%8.39-12masterMatthew Vernon2019-03-07
* patch to symbols file from Andrej Shadura <> (c...Matthew Vernon2019-03-07
* Changelog for 2:8.39-11debian/2%8.39-11archive/debian/2%8.39-11Matthew Vernon2018-07-21
* Remove no-longer necessary removal of items from -dbg packageMatthew Vernon2018-07-21
* bump debian/compat to 11Matthew Vernon2018-07-21
* patch from Matthias Klose to make another STL symbol optional, for building w...Matthew Vernon2018-07-21
* patch from Matthias Klose to make one more STL symbol as optionalMatthew Vernon2018-07-21
* Fix previous symbols patchdebian/2%8.39-10archive/debian/2%8.39-10Matthew Vernon2018-07-17
* Changelog for 2:8.39-10Matthew Vernon2018-07-17
* Update symbols file (Closes: #897834)Matthew Vernon2018-07-17
* Changelog for 2:8.39-9debian/2%8.39-9archive/debian/2%8.39-9Matthew Vernon2018-02-03
* Update symbols file (Closes: #888921)Matthew Vernon2018-02-03
* Changelog for 2:8-39-8debian/2%8.39-8archive/debian/2%8.39-8Matthew Vernon2017-12-04
* Correctly increase stack limitMatthew Vernon2017-12-04
* Use unlimited rather than harddebian/2%8.39-7archive/debian/2%8.39-7Matthew Vernon2017-12-03
* Changelog for 2:8.39-7Matthew Vernon2017-12-03
* increase stack limit before running tests (Closes: #876299)Matthew Vernon2017-12-03
* Commit Debian 3.0 (quilt) metadatadebian/2%8.39-6archive/debian/2%8.39-6Matthew Vernon2017-11-30
* Changelog for 2:8.39-6Matthew Vernon2017-11-30
* changelog for 2:8.39-5debian/2%8.39-5archive/debian/2%8.39-5Matthew Vernon2017-09-19
* patch from Katsuhiko Nishimra to symbols file to fix FTBFS with gcc7Matthew Vernon2017-09-19
* Changelog for 2:8.39-4debian/2%8.39-4archive/debian/2%8.39-4Matthew Vernon2017-07-23
* Remove now-deprecated Pre-Depends on multiarch-supportMatthew Vernon2017-07-23
* Commit Debian 3.0 (quilt) metadatadebian/2%8.39-3Matthew Vernon2017-03-21
* Changelog for 2:8.39-3Matthew Vernon2017-03-21
* pcre3 (2:8.39-2.1) unstable; urgency=highSalvatore Bonaccorso2017-02-17