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* Update the changelogHEADdebian/0.19-1archive/debian/0.19-1masterAndrej Shadura2018-11-05
* Add Vcs-*Andrej Shadura2018-11-05
* Depend on lxmlAndrej Shadura2018-11-05
* Update the changelog.debian/0.15+git20161013-1Andrew Shadura2016-10-19
* Merge tag 'upstream/0.15+git20161013'Andrew Shadura2016-10-19
* Bring the patch for #818132 back, upstream's code is still broken.debian/0.15-3Andrew Shadura2016-10-19
* Update the changelog.debian/0.15-2Andrew Shadura2016-10-19
* Tests fail, skip them for now.Andrew Shadura2016-10-19
* README -> README.rstAndrew Shadura2016-10-19
* New upstream release.debian/0.15-1Andrew Shadura2016-10-19
* Imported Debian patch 0.14-2Clint Adams2016-10-19
* Imported Debian patch 0.14-1Clint Adams2016-10-19