BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMake a Debian releasegustavo panizzo4 days
archive/debian/2.2.0-1commit 81c15da78e...gustavo panizzo4 days
debian/2.2.0-1commit 81c15da78e...gustavo panizzo4 days
archive/debian/2.1.0-1commit b9474dea16...gustavo panizzo9 months
debian/2.1.0-1commit b9474dea16...gustavo panizzo9 months
archive/debian/2.0.0-4commit 0ae910f087...gustavo panizzo14 months
debian/2.0.0-4commit 0ae910f087...gustavo panizzo14 months
archive/debian/2.0.0-3commit 112d3e4f67...gustavo panizzo20 months
debian/2.0.0-3commit 112d3e4f67...gustavo panizzo20 months
archive/debian/2.0.0-2commit b0a6fe61e2...gustavo panizzo22 months
debian/2.0.0-2commit b0a6fe61e2...gustavo panizzo22 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysMake a Debian releaseHEADdebian/2.2.0-1archive/debian/2.2.0-1mastergustavo panizzo
8 daysUse debhelper 13gustavo panizzo
8 daysStandards version 4.5.0 (no changes)gustavo panizzo
12 daysCommit Debian 3.0 (quilt) metadatagustavo panizzo
12 daysnew Debian releasegustavo panizzo
12 daysUse the Debian release of the package as the versiongustavo panizzo
12 daysMerge tag 'v2.2.0'gustavo panizzo
12 daysadd a patch-header for the automatic quilt patchesgustavo panizzo
13 daysRemove applied patches to the source codegustavo panizzo
13 daysdocument the change of workflowgustavo panizzo