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diff --git a/frontends/ast/ast.h b/frontends/ast/ast.h
index e7b07548..6ea241fa 100644
--- a/frontends/ast/ast.h
+++ b/frontends/ast/ast.h
@@ -228,7 +228,7 @@ namespace AST
// for expressions the resulting signal vector is returned
// all generated cell instances, etc. are written to the RTLIL::Module pointed to by AST_INTERNAL::current_module
RTLIL::SigSpec genRTLIL(int width_hint = -1, bool sign_hint = false);
- RTLIL::SigSpec genWidthRTLIL(int width, std::map<RTLIL::SigBit, RTLIL::SigBit> *new_subst_ptr = NULL);
+ RTLIL::SigSpec genWidthRTLIL(int width, const std::map<RTLIL::SigBit, RTLIL::SigBit> *new_subst_ptr = NULL);
// compare AST nodes
bool operator==(const AstNode &other) const;
@@ -285,7 +285,7 @@ namespace AST_INTERNAL
extern bool flag_dump_ast1, flag_dump_ast2, flag_nolatches, flag_nomem2reg, flag_mem2reg, flag_lib, flag_noopt, flag_icells, flag_autowire;
extern AST::AstNode *current_ast, *current_ast_mod;
extern std::map<std::string, AST::AstNode*> current_scope;
- extern std::map<RTLIL::SigBit, RTLIL::SigBit> *genRTLIL_subst_ptr;
+ extern const std::map<RTLIL::SigBit, RTLIL::SigBit> *genRTLIL_subst_ptr;
extern RTLIL::SigSpec ignoreThisSignalsInInitial;
extern AST::AstNode *current_top_block, *current_block, *current_block_child;
extern AST::AstModule *current_module;