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* amo-changelog: parse into human-readable form and save to debian/upstream/cha...Ximin Luo2014-12-17
* add amo-changelog, a script for fetching version history from the amo websiteXimin Luo2014-05-09
* xpi-repack: Fix typo.Benjamin Drung2014-03-11
* xpi-repack: Add --format option and document default compression format.Benjamin Drung2014-03-11
* Update dh_xul-ext man page.Benjamin Drung2011-10-12
* Relicense my stuff under the ISC license.Benjamin Drung2011-10-11
* Add a DH_XUL_EXT_VENDOR environment variable to dh_xul-ext.Benjamin Drung2011-07-16
* Update and fix my email addresses.Benjamin Drung2011-07-16
* Add an --all parameter to dh_xul-ext to make packages that work with everyBenjamin Drung2011-07-09
* * Use debian/package.js as configuration file if it exists.Benjamin Drung2010-04-11
* * install-xpi will create a system preference file in /etc; addBenjamin Drung2010-04-06
* Add notice that unknown options will be ignored.Benjamin Drung2010-03-24
* * add new xpi-repack scriptBenjamin Drung2010-03-10
* * moz-version:Benjamin Drung2010-01-08
* - add --install-dir parameter to install-xpiBenjamin Drung2010-01-08
* - wrote man page for dh_xul-extBenjamin Drung2010-01-07
* - wrote man page for install-xpiBenjamin Drung2010-01-06
* * med-xpi-{pack,unpack}:Benjamin Drung2009-12-02
* Add manpages for med-xpi-{pack,unpack}Sasa Bodiroza2009-08-13
* * moz-version:Benjamin Drung2009-08-12