Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Added GreenPAK4 skeletonClifford Wolf2015-09-16
* Fixed sharing of $memrd cellsClifford Wolf2015-09-12
* Fixed ice40 handling of negclk RAM40Clifford Wolf2015-09-10
* Fixed port ordering in "splitnets" cmdClifford Wolf2015-09-01
* gcc-4.6 build fixesClifford Wolf2015-09-01
* Removed unnecessary cast.Andrei Errapart2015-09-01
* Microsoft Visual C++ fixes in hashlib; template specializations on int32_t an...Andrei Errapart2015-09-01
* Microsoft Visual C++ fix for log.h.Andrei Errapart2015-09-01
* Fixed iopadmap help messageClifford Wolf2015-08-31
* Added SigMap::allbits()Clifford Wolf2015-08-31
* Using dict<> and pool<> in alumacc passClifford Wolf2015-08-31
* Added "yosys-smt2-wire" tag support to smt2 back-endClifford Wolf2015-08-31
* Fixed handling of memory read without addressClifford Wolf2015-08-22
* Switched to Python 3Clifford Wolf2015-08-22
* Added sat -show-regs, -show-public, -show-allClifford Wolf2015-08-18
* Bugfix in fsm_detect for complex muxtreesClifford Wolf2015-08-18
* Properly clean up unused "init" attributesClifford Wolf2015-08-18
* Small corrections to const2ast warning messagesClifford Wolf2015-08-17
* Check base-n literals only contain valid digitsFlorian Zeitz2015-08-17
* Warn on literals exceeding the specified bit widthFlorian Zeitz2015-08-17
* Merge pull request #72 from cseed/masterClifford Wolf2015-08-17
| * Added .travis.yml.Cotton Seed2015-08-17
* Another bugfix for ice40 and xilinx brams_init make rulesClifford Wolf2015-08-16
* Fixed Makefile rules for generated share filesClifford Wolf2015-08-16
* Added $tribuf and $_TBUF_ sim modelsClifford Wolf2015-08-16
* Added tribuf commandClifford Wolf2015-08-16
* Added $tribuf and $_TBUF_ cell typesClifford Wolf2015-08-16
* Fixed opt_clean handling of inout portsClifford Wolf2015-08-16
* Fixed generation of smt2 concat statementsClifford Wolf2015-08-15
* Fix version strings for out-of-tree buildsLarry Doolittle2015-08-14
* Another block of spelling fixesLarry Doolittle2015-08-14
* Keep gcc from complaining about uninitialized variablesLarry Doolittle2015-08-14
* Re-created command-reference-manual.tex, copied some doc fixes to online helpClifford Wolf2015-08-14
* Spell check (by Larry Doolittle)Clifford Wolf2015-08-14
* Merge branch 'master' of Wolf2015-08-13
| * Added "write_smt2 -regs"Clifford Wolf2015-08-12
| * Fixed "make clean" for out-of-tree buildsClifford Wolf2015-08-12
| * Adjust makefiles to work with out-of-tree buildsClifford Wolf2015-08-12
| * Improved handling of "keep" attributes in hierarchical designs in opt_cleanClifford Wolf2015-08-12
| * Fixed hashlib for 64 bit int keysClifford Wolf2015-08-12
| * Added SMV back-end '' scriptClifford Wolf2015-08-12
* | More ASCII encoding fixesClifford Wolf2015-08-13
* | Fixed CRLF line endingsClifford Wolf2015-08-13
* | Some ASCII encoding fixes (comments and docs) by Larry DoolittleClifford Wolf2015-08-13
* Merge pull request #70 from gaomy3832/bugfixClifford Wolf2015-08-12
| * Remove unused blackbox modules in opt_clean.Mingyu Gao2015-08-11
| * Bugfix for cell hash cache option in opt_share.Mingyu Gao2015-08-10
* | Bugfix for cell hash cache option in opt_share.Mingyu Gao2015-08-11
* | Fixed handling of [a-fxz?] in decimal constantsClifford Wolf2015-08-11
* | Added missing ct_all setup to opt_cleanClifford Wolf2015-08-11