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* Disable the build script on: mips mipsel powerpc powerpcspeHEADdebian/1.2-4archive/debian/1.2-4masterAndrej Shadura2019-01-08
* Use debhelper-compat = 12, bump S-VAndrej Shadura2019-01-08
* Import Debian changes 1.2-1.1YunQiang Su2018-04-24
* Import Debian changes 1.2-1Andrew Shadura2018-04-24
* Update to the latest upstream snapshotAndrew Shadura2014-06-21
* Import 1.1-2.Andrew Shadura2013-10-22
* honour CPPFLAGSAndrew Shadura2011-12-20
* don't patch configure, run autoreconf insteadAndrew Shadura2011-12-20
* don't compress the exampleAndrew O. Shadoura2011-04-02
* use $(CURDIR) instead of $(PWD): guaranteed to workAndrew O. Shadoura2011-04-02
* populate CFLAGS and LDFLAGS using dpkg-buildflagsAndrew O. Shadoura2011-04-02
* don't be hackish: use version script to hide symbolsAndrew O. Shadoura2011-04-02
* fix autotools-dev invocationAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-31
* use dh_clean to clean up the working directoryAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-29
* move tests to dh_auto_testAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-29
* make sure we can load the just compiled libraryAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-29
* honor DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheckAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-29
* add tests; run them during the build processAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-28
* debian/rules: remove autogenerated guess_tab.c on `make clean`Andrew O. Shadoura2011-03-19
* debian/rules: rebuild guess_tab.c using gauche from guess.scmAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-19
* debian/rules: handle absense in a different wayAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-19
* debian/rules: no need to run autogen.shAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-19
* debian/rules: don't fail if `make clean` can't be doneAndrew O. Shadoura2011-03-19
* fix it yet moreAndrew O. Shadoura2010-10-10
* fix the clean-upAndrew O. Shadoura2010-10-10
* merge examples into -dev package; fix a clean-up; remove some comments from d...Andrew O. Shadoura2010-10-10
* initial packagingAndrew O. Shadoura2010-10-10