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* Improved handling of techmap special wiresClifford Wolf2013-11-23
* Added more generic _TECHMAP_ wire mechanism to techmap passClifford Wolf2013-11-23
* Renamed "placeholder" to "blackbox"Clifford Wolf2013-11-22
* Updated abcClifford Wolf2013-11-21
* Major improvements in mem2reg and added "init" sync rulesClifford Wolf2013-11-21
* Fixed a bug in "add -global_input"Clifford Wolf2013-11-21
* Added "proc_arst -global_arst" featureClifford Wolf2013-11-20
* Added "add" command (only wires for now)Clifford Wolf2013-11-20
* Renamed temp module generated by "abc" pass from "logic" to "netlist"Clifford Wolf2013-11-19
* Fixed abc pass blif parser for constant bitsClifford Wolf2013-11-13
* Cleanups and bugfixes in response to new internal cell checkerClifford Wolf2013-11-11
* Call internal checker more oftenClifford Wolf2013-11-10
* Improved user-friendliness of "sat" and "eval" expression parsingClifford Wolf2013-11-09
* Added verification of SAT model to "eval -vloghammer_report" commandClifford Wolf2013-11-09
* Fixed keep attribute on wires in opt_cleanClifford Wolf2013-11-08
* Renamed extend_un0() to extend_u0() and use it in genrtlilClifford Wolf2013-11-07
* Fixed type of sign extension in opt_const $eq/$ne handlingClifford Wolf2013-11-07
* Fixed $eq/$ne bitwise optimization in opt_constClifford Wolf2013-11-07
* Added handling of unconnected/unspecified signals to eval -vloghammer_reportClifford Wolf2013-11-06
* Added correct RTL undef handling to eval vloghammer modeClifford Wolf2013-11-06
* Added eval -vloghammer_report modeClifford Wolf2013-11-06
* Added support for "keep" attributes on wiresClifford Wolf2013-11-05
* Merge branch 'master' of Wolf2013-11-03
| * Added resolution of positional arguments to hierarchy passClifford Wolf2013-11-03
* | Added placeholder check to dfflibmap and cleaned up some other placeholder ch...Clifford Wolf2013-10-31
* Added detection for endless recursion in fsm_detect passClifford Wolf2013-10-30
* Fixed help message typo (memory pass)Clifford Wolf2013-10-30
* Added -format option to splitnetsClifford Wolf2013-10-29
* Added support for i/o buffers to iopadmapClifford Wolf2013-10-26
* Added support for sr flip-flops to dfflibmapClifford Wolf2013-10-24
* Added support for complex set-reset flip-flops in proc_dffClifford Wolf2013-10-24
* Fixed handling of boolean attributes (passes)Clifford Wolf2013-10-24
* Improved handling of dff with async resetsClifford Wolf2013-10-21
* Added handling of multiple async paths in proc_arstClifford Wolf2013-10-19
* Added dffsr support to proc_dff passClifford Wolf2013-10-18
* Improved way of connecting ports in techmap passClifford Wolf2013-10-17
* Only prefer connected signals iff they have public namesClifford Wolf2013-10-17
* Fixed bug in synthesis of memories that are never writtenClifford Wolf2013-10-17
* Avoid re-arranging signals on register outputsClifford Wolf2013-10-17
* Fixed detection of major wires in opt_cleanClifford Wolf2013-10-17
* Added iopadmap passClifford Wolf2013-10-16
* Moved dfflibmap from passes/dfflibmap to passes/techmapClifford Wolf2013-10-16
* Fixed parsing or liberty file statements such as 'clocked_on : "(!CLK)";'Clifford Wolf2013-10-16
* Moved common techlib files to techlibs/commonClifford Wolf2013-09-15
* Some minor documentation fixesClifford Wolf2013-08-21
* Minor fixes in abc build instructions and abc passClifford Wolf2013-08-20
* Added sat -ignore_div_by_zero switchClifford Wolf2013-08-15
* Added eval -brute_force_equiv_checker_x modeClifford Wolf2013-08-15
* Added "clean -purge" and ";;;" supportClifford Wolf2013-08-11
* Added ";;" as shortcut for "; clean;"Clifford Wolf2013-08-11