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* Implement web actions in WebHelper2Philip Chimento2015-05-21
* WebHelper2 for translating WebKit2 viewsPhilip Chimento2015-05-21
* Check for webhelper's required GIR filesPhilip Chimento2015-05-20
* Generate XML reports when running on JenkinsPhilip Chimento2015-05-20
* Switch to subdir-objectsPhilip Chimento2015-04-17
* Integrate Jasmine with AutomakePhilip Chimento2015-04-17
* Remove ancient test runnerPhilip Chimento2015-04-17
* Release stable version 0.2.0Philip Chimento2015-04-06
* Initial implementation of image creditsPhilip Chimento2015-03-25
* Introduce 0.1 unstable seriesPhilip Chimento2015-02-10
* Enable Gjs and C coverage reports.Sam Spilsbury2015-01-10
* build: use AC_PROG_CC_C99Cosimo Cecchi2014-11-25
* Remove Endless Wikipedia library from SDKRory MacQueen2014-05-27
* Integrated JSON extraction utilityFernando2013-12-10
* Merge pull request #428 from endlessm/issues/417P. F. Chimento2013-12-05
| * Removed PStack from sdkMatt Watson2013-12-05
* | Remove {GTK,GLIB}_CHECK_VERSIONPhilip Chimento2013-12-03
* Use AC_CONFIG_LINKS to copy file into builddirPhilip Chimento2013-10-04
* Use ustar format for tarballsPhilip Chimento2013-10-04
* Documentation for WebHelperPhilip Chimento2013-09-19
* First attempt at an EOS test runnerPhilip Chimento2013-09-16
* Use Automake's parallel test harnessPhilip Chimento2013-09-04
* Integrate Wikipedia into SDK build systemPhilip Chimento2013-08-02
* Add CSS files in a GResourcePhilip Chimento2013-06-27
* Added hack so configure works with automake 1.13 and 1.11Matt Watson2013-06-20
* Bumped automake requirement.Matt Watson2013-06-18
* Specify old-style serial test runnerPhilip Chimento2013-06-18
* Merge pull request #89 from endlessm/issues/86Felipe Erias Morandeira2013-05-22
| * Ensure that Gtk-Doc and GIR doc are enabled for distributionsP. F. Chimento2013-05-16
* | Use independent replacement for GtkStack in page managermatt2013-05-17
* Build Javascript API documentationP. F. Chimento2013-05-06
* build: Enable -std=c99Emmanuele Bassi2013-05-02
* build: Use AC_CACHE_SAVEEmmanuele Bassi2013-05-01
* Merge pull request #15 from endlessm/issues/4P. F. Chimento2013-04-24
| * Application classP. F. Chimento2013-04-24
* | Avoid warnings on Automake 1.12P. F. Chimento2013-04-22
* Enable GObject introspectionPhilip Chimento2013-04-17
* Autogenerate documentation with Gtk-docPhilip Chimento2013-04-17
* Internationalize the shared libraryP. F. Chimento2013-04-17
* Skeleton build system to build a shared libraryPhilip Chimento2013-04-17